Alex Gervash Pilot. Psychologist and fear of flying specialist.
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Having doubts?
Whenever possible you try to avoid airplanes, or have stopped flying altogether
You are a perfectionist and turbulence zones are your worst nightmare
You used to fly calmly but suddenly you started to be scared
To enter an airplane you now need more and more alcohol or tranquilizers
You are not scared of airplanes, but you are concerned about getting a panic attack on board
You were raised by anxious parents and have very little trust in people and mechanisms

Alex Gervash

Founder & CEO of “Flying without fear” Center

Alex is one of just 150 specialists in the world in the field of fear of flying. He is a professional pilot with US and EU licenses, as well as a psychologist (graduate of Jerusalem University), and has been studying fear of flying since 2008. During this time Alex has already helped over 10,000 people from more than 20 countries to overcome it.
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About Fear of flying

The most common psychological disorder in the world

About 30% of our planet’s population suffer from fear of flying. Like any other phobia - aerophobia, or fear of flying, has nothing to do with risks or flight safety. As if it would, it would have been called aeroLOGIC, don't you think so? Aerophobia is caused by some combination of those factors - genetic anxiety, life trust deficit, suspicion, lack of emotional connection with parents during upbringing, psychological traumas, life’s stresses, erroneous thinking, and much more.
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How we can help

We know how to make you and your families feel free again

We know how to return the sense of control over your life - when YOU, and not the phobia is taking decisions. How to turn things around so that YOU become the one to decide where and when to take a vacation, what work-related project to sign up for… Which emotions and memories will stay with you as you grow older - about the phobia that took over your life or the Victory over your fears… What's even more important is - that we know how to help you not to transfer your fears over to your children or repeat some of your parents’ mistakes.
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